5 Week Self Guided Online Program

$197 available August 11, 2019

Week 1: Mindset Mastery Strategies

  • Getting over the past
  • The art of affirmations
  • Restructure your thinking

Week 2: Love Language Logistics 

  • Re-visiting yours & your partners love language
  • Learning your children’s love language
  • Love language implementation exercises

Week 3: Love & Life Blueprint

  • Evaluating your Goals
  • Goals for your Marriage & Family
  • Leaving a good legacy

Week 4: Time Mamagement Tool Kit

  • Making one another a priority
  • Consistently handling your schedule
  • Self-care time

Week 5: Accountability Secrets 

  • Fighting against self sabotage
  • The art of communicating during an argument
  • No more shutting down

Working Wives One on One Coaching Program with Dr. Kre

8 week program $497 total (choice of ONE of the following modules)

Her Healthy Career Blueprint

  • Working late and feeling guilty
  • Competing with Others
  • Getting and Keeping Kids on Schedule
  • Having set STOP time at night
  • Getting paid what you are worth

Her Self Care Strategy

  • How to fit self care into your schedule
  • What self care should be non negotiable
  • Scheduling it
  • Forgiving yourself
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Healthy Living

Husband’s Needs Resource Guide
Affirmations for Him
Forgiving him
Support HIS dreams
Date nights are a must
Spicing it up

House a Home Check list

  • Organization 101
  • Picking a Nanny/ Baby sitter
  • How to find the right house keeper
  • Meal Delivery options
  • Grocery Services
  • Budgeting

Their Brilliant Kids Tool Kit

  • How to find the right school
  • The debate public school v/s private
  • Strong Willed Kids and how to handle them
  • Not perfect but loves by me